A Word from the President on the Second Edition of SLGEM Light Magazine

Dearly beloved in Christ Jesus, I welcome you to your journey into encounters with light in this second edition of SLGEM Light Magazine. The choice of the tittle of this edition (Love,the More Excellent Way) was not conceived by man. It was born out of instructions received from God.

I was instructed by God to include some of the instructions He gave me on the need for the Church to walk in love at the beginning of this edition, hence some of these instruction are included here.I want to share with you some of the direct instructions God gave to me to stand in my office as a Teacher and place emphasis on this message of love.

In the year 2000, the Lord told me that He will use me to correct some teachings in the body of Christ. I wondered what God meant because I felt I knew too little to be used for that purpose. However in the year 2008, during a church service in Christ’s Chosen Church of God, I was called out by a Prophet who repeated what God had told me earlier in the year 2000.

The Prophet was inspired to tell me that I will be used by God to correct some teachings in the Church. He said I should not be afraid when the time comes but should be bold to teach it as God gave it to me. He said God will be with me to back me up.

When I heard this, I knew it was a confirmation of what I was told initially by God. At this time (2008), I was already getting insight into some erroneous teachings in the body of Christ with a strong burden on my heart that they needed to be corrected.

In November of the year 2011 during a church service in Landmark University Chapel, I saw Reverend Kenneth E. Hagin standing before me in a vision and immediately I heard the Spirit of God say to me

            “You have contacted the teaching grace that was upon my servant Kenneth E. Hagin”.

I knew in my spirit at that very instant that this grace was given to me to help me carry out the assignment God told me in the year 2000 and 2008.

After this Kenneth Hagin vision experience, my eyes opened. I could see from scriptures what I never saw before. It overwhelms me each time a new revelation is unveiled to me. They seem to jump out of the pages of scriptures and I always knew they have nothing to do with my personal efforts but completely the grace of God at work.

Outlined below are some other direct instructions I received.

Date: 6/12/2012 (12:01pm)

“I have given you a message of love. You must stand in the place of prayer so that this message will have acceptance in the body of Christ to whom I am sending you. Don’t be afraid to say it as I give it to you. You will face serious opposition from those who have gone ahead of you because they will not be willing at the beginning to accept what I have told you to tell them. But just keep teaching it as I gave it to you. I will bring my Church to a place of maturity and perfection as they come to experience my love in its fullness and walk in it. I will be with you to back you up. You will be rejected and spoken against. You will be misunderstood, but make sure you keep a heart of humility and love towards them for it is in doing so that you will get this message to have acceptance. I am with you and will never leave you. I have sent my Angel to be with you to enforce your spoken words. I will say more to you when the time comes. Remember that I love you and cannot forsake you in this assignment so do not be afraid of what lies ahead. I am the one who has called you and I will also do it.

Date: 13/12/2014 (9:40am)

As Bishop David Oyedepo was releasing the Prophetic blessings and declaring the release of the End Time Giants in the body of Christ towards the end of the 2014 “Heaven on Earth” Shiloh, I suddenly began to cry uncontrollable.

At first I was almost embarrassed because people were standing beside me. I was saying inside me Lord what is happening to me then I heard the Lord say to me.

What you saw in your revelation where Pastor Victor Oluwadamilare handed you over to Bishop David Oyedepo has just begun. You have entered into the Apostolic phase of your Assignment. I am sending you as an Apostle of Love with a message of love to my Church.

I said, Lord I just began Ministry so how could you possible say I am entering the Apostolic phase of my assignment. Then He said:

There is no more time.

We did not create these teachings but only taught the message of love He gave us and we sincerely pray that the Church will come to understand these teachings, accept them and live by them so we can truly come to the fullness of the measure of the stature of Christ in Jesus name.

I encourage you to check out the scripture references carefully and follow what you can see clearly being taught from the word. I am deeply convinced that love is what the Church needs to follow because following the way of love is following the doctrine of Christ. Read on…

Evangelist Oghogho Ikponmwosa Ph.D

President: Save The Lost Gospel Evangelistic Ministry (SLGEM)

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