A leader who applies inhuman treatment on the followers in achieving the vision and goals of a group or an organization is abusing his authority and is still considered an abusive leader.

In God’s kingdom, it is not just enough to have results, it’s is how you used those under you to get the result that is more important.

Many abusive leaders in authority can easily recognise when they are cruel or violent but they do not often realise that they have also become abusive when they treat their followers unfairly.

What constitutes a fair treatment? A fair treatment is easy to recognise when you put yourself in the person’s shoes and consider how you will want to be treated.

For example, Leaders also become abusive when they compulsorily or manipulatively demand that their followers make sacrifices (outside their normal responsibilities and time schedules) towards achieving the vision of their group or organization even though these sacrifices will be detrimental to the follower’s personal fulfilment with regards to family life, academic pursuit, career advancement, spiritual growth, etc.

The abused may not always realise they are being abused because they may be given some privileges and benefits while they are being manipulated or intimidated through encouragement or compulsory demands to keep making sacrifices that are detrimental to their family life, academic pursuit, career advancement, spiritual growth, etc.

Many families have broken down due to this type of abuse. Christian leadership must never be run like secular leadership.

We are to follow the example of Christ. We must have the God kind of love as the root motivation of our actions.

I pray that God will give our leaders in Christian circles the grace to recognize authority abusive decisions and refrain from them in Jesus name amen

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