·         Report on RRIN Miracle Crusade (March 21st to 23rd 2013)

The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) led by Deacon Patrick Udom of Church of God Mission International did a great job in planning and implementation of the plans. Many Pastors told the President personally that they have never seen this kind of unity been displayed among several churches in that community.

God gave the LOC wisdom to plan and grace for the implementation. This made the President and other ministry partners to be eased of the burden to do any running around for the crusade.

The LOC designed and printed the postal, did the publicity with a rented bus and musical instruments, built the stage and prepared the venue, rented instruments and took some from the churches in the communities, took care of the entire programme during and after the crusade.

They also prepared a report on souls saved during the crusade. We had the privilege of focusing on the spiritual preparation.

The President got to the venue on the 20th of March. Before this time rain had fallen consistently on a daily basis. However as soon as the ministry partners and the President arrived at the venue and throughout the programme, there was no rain hence all events were not disrupted.

During the RRIN crusade and the healing school as well as the Mini Crusade which held at Oghobanosa street in Benin City (a follow up programme after the RRIN crusade), over 342 souls were saved.

Several instant healings which include opening of a deaf ear and a blind eye, healing of migraine headaches, over 30 years stomach problem due to food poisoning, moving object inside the body, leg pains, bone pains, fevers, etc.

Two young men surrendered their lives to Jesus after seeing the opening of a blind eye. Demons cried out as deliverances from demonic possession and oppression was evident. God’s power was mightily available to set the captives free. To God alone belongs all the glory.

The crusade held with all the finances supplied supernaturally by God Himself. We looked up to Him alone to supply all our needs and He did even more than what we asked. He moved upon the hearts of men to give into the work.

He gave us several people and ministries who stood with us on their knees and several others who volunteered their cars, projectors and their personal presence for the meetings. Those who promised to send their seeds have sent them to us while others have requested that we send them our account details so they can partner with us by sending their seeds. All these have happened without us asking anyone to send us seeds. It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in our eyes.

·         Taiwo Road Area Miracle Crusade (March 29th 2014)

On the 28th of February 2014, as the President was returning from an evening prayer which he usually does on the street where we are to have our weekly outreach the next day, the Lord told him we were to hold a crusade on the 29th of March 2014 in an open space He showed him.

We immediately began to plan towards having the programme. We contacted Rev. Omorinoye David who was then thePresident of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) in Omu-Aran and the CAN President in Irepodun LGA.

We had earlier seen him and informed him of our Ministry and our desire to work with the churches around so that souls saved during our outreaches are groomed in these churches. We decided to have the crusade in collaboration with his Church (Bible Faith Evangelical Mission) since we had a short time to plan and it was difficult to get more churches involved in such a short time.

God supplied all our needs. He gave us people who stood with us in prayers and in organizing the programme. We bought more outreach equipment in addition to the ones we bought earlier and rented others.

We had 40 people in attendance and 12 decisions for Jesus. Since the crusade was held in the heart of town, several persons who heard the word being preached from their homes must have also given their hearts to Jesus. The rains that had showed signs of falling even before we started began to fall about 3 minutes after we said the closing prayers. To God be all the glory.

·         Auchi Miracle Crusade, Teaching Meeting and Healing School (24th to 26th April)

We had a Miracle Crusade and Teaching meetings in Auchi which began on Friday evening (April 24th 2015) and ended on Sunday (April 26th 2015). We collaborated with a Church to be started headed by Pastor Michael Ayeke. We started raising Intercessions for the programme three months before it held.

We believed God and received a harvest of 3 adult souls, healing miracles, deliverances, etc. during the programme. We had the crusade for only one night but had 3 Teaching meetings. To God alone belongs all the glory.

·         Benin City Teaching Meetings (31st July to 1st August 2015)

As we were returning from Auchi Miracle crusade, God told the President about the next teaching meeting to hold in Benin. It held on 31st July to 1st August 2015. The theme of the programme was “Righteousness Made Easy”.

God’s word was taught and everyone who attended received free copies of the book titled “Righteousness Made Easy”.

Over 60 people attended and 11 people gave their hearts to Jesus Christ. We also went out for evangelism at the end of the teaching sessions and more souls were won to the faith.

After that programme, many partners were added to the Ministry and testimonies of transformation of life continued to pour in from those who attended the meeting.

Some individuals personally requested that the President should become their spiritual mentor after the meeting which he did. One of them is now a Leader in the Ministry. To God belongs all the glory.

·         Omu-Aran Teaching Meetings, Miracle Crusade and Healing School (31st March to 2nd April 2016).

We had Teaching meetings, a miracle Crusade and Healing school inOmu-Aran from Thursday 31st march to 2nd April 2016. We collaborated withsome Churches in Omu-Aran who were willing to work with us.

We believed God and received a harvest of over 40 souls both at the teaching meetings, healing School and Miracle crusade. We had the crusade for only one night but had 3 Teaching meetings. The Healing School held on (2nd April) Saturday morning.

Several persons testified to being transformed by the teaching of God’s word, receiving their instant healings and deliverances from unclean spirits. We bought bibles for the new converts who did not have and distributed our books and Magazines to those who attended the Teaching meetings. To God alone belongs all the glory.

·         Eleyin Medical Outreach and Miracle Crusade (30th July 2016).

We had a Medical Outreach and Miracle Crusade in Eleyin Village on Saturday 30th July 2016. We collaborated with a Team of Medical Practitioners (a Doctor, Pharmacist, Lab scientist, two nurses and some assistants) headed by Dr Joseph who presently works at Landmark University Medical Centre. We also worked with Churches in Eleyin village.

The Medical Outreach was used as a tool to draw the people of the community to hear the gospel and over 40 souls out of manywho came accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour. Many were also healed during the Medical Outreach.

We had the crusade in the evening of the same day and we again reaped another harvest of over 15 souls. To God alone belongs all the glory.

·         Annual SLGEM Leaders Conference and SLGEM Partners Conference (2nd to 3rd January every year).

The first and second Annual SLGEM Leaders conference held from 2nd to 3rd January, 2015 and 2nd of January 2016 respectively. These conferences are annual events to evaluate how far we have gone and to strategize for the next year.

The SLGEM Annual Leaders Conferences were attended by the core Ministry Leaders where we shared the vision and developed goals and new strategies of fulfilling the vision.

On God’s instruction our 1stSLGEM Partner’s conference held at Christ Chosen Church of God Isekhere branch on 28th November 2015. The Theme for the 1st SLGEM Annual Partner’s Conference was “The battle is the Lord’s”.

The second SLGEM Annual Partners Conference held on the 30th of November 2016.The Theme for the 2nd SLGEM Annual Partner’s Conferencewas “This one thing I do”.

Our Partners who attended came from different parts of the Country. God’s word was taught with mighty signs following. At the end of each Teaching sessions, questions and answers were allowed.

The Partners were also informed on details of the Ministry operations and programmes. Many signed in on different levels of Partnership available. Three Ministries have also came into a deeper Partnership relationship with us.

On God’s Instruction we announced a monthly Partnership seed of N5000 to one of the Ministries of Our Associate Evangelist to facilitate their Evangelistic Outreaches.

Free writing materials and Ministry books and Magazines were distributed to all Partners who came for the meeting. To God belongs all the glory.

Annual Discipleship Training Camp meeting

The first Annual discipleship training camp meeting held from Friday 7th to 9th April 2016. The theme of the programme was “That I might know Him”. The meeting was attended by the Ministry partners who came from different parts of the country.

Everyone who attended the Camp meeting were required to stay on Camp and we had people who testified of receiving fresh light from the teaching of God’s word, saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, healed etc.

This meeting will hold every year the weekend before Easter celebration.

Discipleship Training Meetings

Shortly after the Discipleship Training Camp meeting ended, God instructed the President to begin holding a series of Discipleship training meetings namely:

1.      Discipleship Training Teaching Meeting (to hold in June every year)

2.      Discipleship Training Healing School (to hold in August every year)

3.      Discipleship Training Prayer Meeting (to hold in October every year)

4.      Discipleship Training Evangelism Meeting (to hold in December every year)

The Discipleship Training Teaching Meeting held on June 17th with the theme “What Happened at the Garden of Eden”. The Discipleship Training healing School held on the 19th of August 2017. Testimonies of light received through the teaching of God’s word were shared and souls were also saved. To God alone belongs all the glory.

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