·         Report on Prints and Media Outreaches

o   Tracts, Magazines Production and distribution

The Ministry has printed ministry tracts for evangelism and rallies. On the 15th of March 2013 as the President read through the first report the ministry sent to our Spiritual Fathers he sensed in his spirit that it was time to print the ministry profile and the Lord instructed him as follows:

“Print the ministry profile that states the vision clearly and how it came to you. Also include all aspects of your functions as a ministry. This will change and will need to be updated later but it is time to have it in a printed form so that others can easily understand what the Ministry stands for and those I have given to you can clearly see where they can stand to be part of fulfilling the vision.

In it include short articles that will bless those who read it and state clearly how those who want to be partners to the ministry can participate in it”.

As he thought on how to do this, it was impressed in his heart for us to have our ministry magazine and the first edition will have the ministry profile. As he thought on what should be the theme, he sensed in his spirit that it is “The Power of Love”. We immediately began working on it and the soft copy was completed in October 2013. We trusted God for his provision and today we have produced 3000 hard copies which are freely distributed and given to anyone who makes a request for it.

God gave the instruction that we should begin work on our 2nd ministry Magazine. He gave the theme “Love the more excellent way”. We have completed the design and production and this Magazine has been freely distributed to our partners and anyone who makes a demand.

We have been given the theme of the next Magazine. It is “He who dwells in love…1John 4:16” Articles are presently being requested from Partners. To God belongs all the glory.

Presently we already have request from the United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Haiti, United States and different parts of Nigeria for the Magazines. We have started sending the magazines to those who have sent us their mailing addresses. Others who can reach us directly are given on their request. We produced a partnership form along with the magazine through which anyone can be our partner in either or all of the four categories: Covenant Prayer Partner, Covenant Frontline Partner, Covenant Seed Partner or Covenant Study Partner. God is already using these magazines to raise partners for the ministry just as he said. To God belongs all the glory.

o   Book Production and Distribution

A mini book tagged “After Salvation What is Next?” was produced and given to those who gave their lives to Jesus Christ during the Crusade or during our other Outreach programmes.

The Mini book has recently been updated and is now ready for a second print and conversion into electronic format.

The design of our book titled “Righteousness made Easy” has been completed and the book has been published. The instruction to proceed with publishing it was given by 5am on the 27th of July 2013 as follows:

“It is time to begin the process of publishing the book titled “Righteousness Made Easy”. You will work on it side by side with the ministry magazine. However, the magazine will be published before the book. I want to bring my church to a deeper understanding of their place in me and how they can abide in me continually which is one of the things taught in that book”

Our desire is to be able to give a free copy to those who are saved in our outreaches so that they can be readily established in the faith. We have begun conversion of the book into electronic voice format. To God belongs all the glory.

The president has also completed the thirdand fourth books God instructed him to write. The book are titled “Do all Speak with Tongues; 1Corinthians 12:30” and “How to rule over Ancestral Spirits and Curses”.

The book titled “The mystery of the communion” has not been completed because the President failed to respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit when the inspiration to write was on him. However He has repented and is trusting God for His grace to finish the book.

Indeed the Teaching grace the President received when God supernaturally connected him to Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin in November 2011 is already finding expression.

These books though not yet published are already been sent electronically to our partners and testimonies are continuing to pour in from those who have read them. To God belongs all the glory.

o   Radio and Television Outreaches

We began our Radio Outreach tagged: SLGEM Light Radio Outreach in October 2014. This programme was scheduled initially for 15 minutes but was later increased to 30 Minutes broadcast in Radio Nigeria Benin (Bronze FM) at 101.5FM.

The 1st Teaching series being aired is on Righteousness.Several callers have been calling us with testimonies of deliverances from long standing yokes of bondages. We have been instructed to switch the Radio station to ITV Radio and plans are on the way to do this.

On God’s instruction, it is time to begin the production process of our Television Outreach. We are looking up to God for the necessary logistics and supernatural supplies for this to begin.

The messages on the Radio programme are presently being processed for mass production as audio CDs which will be freely distributed. 

·         Daily and Joint weekly Prayers/Teaching Series

Daily prayers are done as printed in the Ministry Magazine. The weekly prayers hold every Saturday from 8:30am to 9:30am both at our SLGEM Partner’s Fellowship Centre Omu-Aran Chapter and Head Quarters in Benin.

During the Sunday Teaching meeting at the Omu-Aran Chapter, the recorded message by the President is played and discussed by those present. However at the Head Quarters the President teaches directly.

The teaching series runson Sunday by 4:00pm to 5:00pm. Testimonies of light breaking the yoke of ignorance are continuing to pour in to the glory of God. The sick and oppressed are being healed and delivered.

·         Weekly Outreaches to Public Places.

Our weekly outreaches hold every Saturday after the Intercessory prayers ends by 9:30am. On God’s instruction, we began reaching out to public places such as Markets and Streets to proclaim the gospel using megaphones and other electronic equipment.

The outreaches commenced on February 15th 2014. We did not begin in January after the vision was given because God instructed us to begin praying for the outreaches until mid-February 2014 when they were to begin.

We distribute tracts, our mini after salvation book, our magazines and other Ministry materials as is necessary. We always locate a place and from there we preach the gospel to everyone around after which we proceed again to meet them one on one to harvest the details of those who made a commitment to Jesus.

Those saved during these outreaches are helped to find a church where they can serve God in Spirit and in truth. We have an estimate of over 1000 souls who have been saved and are presently being followed up. Most of them are presently attending different Churches in Omu-Aran and Benin City.

We give them materials to help their growth. We also call their phone numbers to find out how they are doing.

We have had several healings and conversions especially among Muslims as we stepped out in faith. God has been faithful through it all. To God belongs all the glory.

·         Social Missions Outreach Report

We have given a scholarship which covers tuition, uniforms and books to a female student in Secondary School.

We have also sowed financial seeds to some University Students, less privileged parents, the physically handicapped, etc. who were in need.

Through our Children and Teens Outreach department we have reached some children who are financially challenged.

We have also sent a seed to a Pastor in the persecuted Church in the North (Zaria, Kaduna State). We hope to partner with Voice of the Christian Martyrs in Nigeria to reach more persecuted believers in the North.

We have visited the Nigerian Prison Service in Omu-Aran and had a harvest of souls. We also gave the inmates several items through the warders. We have a monthly schedule to make such visits through our Social Missions director.

We reached out to Eleyin village with a Team of doctors and drugs which were administered free as prescribed by the doctors.

We send a monthly seed to an Evangelistic Ministry to facilitate their outreaches. We have also partnered with a brother to reach Orphans in their homes.

Our Secondary School outreaches are presently being planned for take-off.To God belongs all the glory.

·         Prayer Programme for Nigeria

We held a prayer programme for Nigeria in collaboration with the PFN Omu-Aran Chapter. We printed 3000 copies of the prayers in English and Yoruba and distributed them to as many believers as possible which they can use to pray for Nigeria in their homes and in groups.

A prayer meeting held was scheduled for 1st of October 2014 by 10:00am at Bible Faith Evangelical Mission, Taiwo Road Omu-Aran.

Another prayer meeting for Nigeria also held at Christ Holy Holy Church on 1st October 2015 by 10am.We also raised prayers for the Elections in Nigeria on God’s instruction in 2015. 12,000 copies of the prayers were produced and distributed to believers to help them pray for the elections.

On God’s instruction in August 2016 we started using different social media platforms to raise intercession for Nigeria and this has been receiving large followership and commitment from many brethren. We hold prayer programmes for Nigeria on October 1stevery year. To God belongs all the glory.

·         Committed Partners

God has given us Partners who are committed to attending our meetings, praying for our programmes and have sent their seeds for the work. Someone brought his tithe which we rejected because we have God’s instruction not to collect tithes from individuals as a ministry.  All these have happened without us asking them to send us seeds.

As we started giving the Magazines freely, some persons have started indicating their desires to partner with us in fulfilment of what God said he would do through the magazine.

It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in our eyes. Our base of Ministry Partners is continually increasing. We are having more Covenant Prayer Partners (CPP), Covenant Seed Partners (CSP), Covenant Frontline partners (CFP) and Covenant Study Partners (CSTP).

We have produced letters and Certificate of Partnership being sent to our partners all over the world. This distribution began in October 2014. Certificates have also been developed and distributed to Our Partners. An Established Management School has adopted Our Ministry as a Covenant Seed Partner and they have sent us their seed.

God has also given us a partner who has decided to sow every fourth part of his business profit to our ministry.

An Evangelistic Ministry has also adopted our Ministry as a Spiritual Ministry to them hence they have begun to send us their Ministry tithe.

Our partnership structure has been upgraded after a careful study of Kenneth Copeland partnership structure. To God belongs all the glory.

·         Registration of the Ministry with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria

We engaged the services of a Lawyer who helped and guided us to prepare the necessary documents for registration of the ministry with the CAC of Nigeria.

The Ministry was officially registered with the name “Save the Lost Gospel Evangelistic Ministry” on November 4th 2013 by the CAC of Nigeria. It took us about four months to process the registration. To God belongs all the glory.

·         Building of the Ministry Website.

The ministry Website was launched on 16th September 2017. The website helps to bring the different aspects of the Ministry to the public. The website address is www.slgem.org

·         Ministry Bank Account

The Ministry has opened a bank Account in Access Bank.The details of the account are as follows: Account Name: Save the Lost Gospel Evangelistic Ministry

Account Type: Corporate

Account Number: 0725467955

Bank: Access bank.

·         Financial Report

The financial report of the ministry is given during our annual Leaders Conference. All units present their reports during the meeting and new budgets are presented, discussed and approved for each New Year. Our God supplied all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

We do not collect tithes from individuals nor raise offerings during our meetings yet God has supernaturally supplied all our needs by giving us committed Partners who sow their seeds as they are.

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