Life is an adventure. It is a progressive adventure into reality. Every living creature is made to begin and continue in this adventure. Among other things, only successive progress makes it easy to adapt towards survival in this life. In other words, life is a progressive adventure of survival into existence, and from existence into relevance, and from relevance into great relevance.

I have come to realize that it is not your level of success (in possession perspective) that determines your level of relevance but your level of right positioning to the source of life-Christ Jesus, thereby fulfilling your purpose on the earth.

However, being saved (born again) is not enough. You will always need continuous advancement by having progressive change of status from mere survival level into great relevance in the kingdom and on earth. There is a demand of the kingdom today. It is a demand of advancing the kingdom of God on the earth where we dwell now. It’s a demand of seeking the kingdom with all zeal and zest in other to advance it on earth. This demand is a major part of our mission on earth (Matthew 6:33). It requires all our focus and commitment.

I have also come to realize that pursuing kingdom purposes is equally not enough. Kingdom purposes must be pursued with the right motive: the virtue of God. This virtue of God is; LOVE. Love is a compelling virtue of God. It is the very life-feature of God, as we were told from scripture (1 John4:8). Love is a very crucial component of the kingdom that cannot be ignored. This implies that if God is Love, then the kingdom of God is the kingdom of Love.The dwelling realm of God is the dwelling realm of Love. Love is therefore the more excellent way of promoting the kingdom of God here on earth.

We must understand that we are in a kingdom that operates with keys. Except you have the right key, you can’t access the specific realm you desire in the kingdom, neither can you advance into the realm of great-relevance. Progression into any realm is at the mercy of the right key.

Nevertheless, studying God’s word, by the help of the Holy Spirit, has shown me a “MYSTERIOUSMASTER KEY”. It is called the more excellent way: THE LOVE OF GOD. The mysterious master keyin the kingdom of God can be fully operational on the earth because it can access all doors of the kingdom and in this earthly realm. Living the love life is the summary of the fruit of the Spirit(Galatians 5:22).

WHAT IS THIS LOVE FOR?   It is a divine fact that; God concludes the plans and purposes of what He wants to accomplish before He ever started it. In the creation of man, God finished with man (in His mind) before He started with man (with His Hands), and He conceived a mandate for man before man’s arrival on the earth. One of such mandates is; “The Dominion Mandate”.It is more of a mandate of commitment of a life towards pursuits ofselfless relevance(Genesis 1:26). It’s a mandate of performance not just a status of convenience.God will never demand from man to bring forth what He hasn’t put in him, so dominion is one of the pioneering empowered blessings He impacted man with at creation.

(And God blessed them, and said; Be Fruitful, and Multiply, and Replenish the earth, and Subdue it, and Have Dominion… Genesis 1:28)

Question, why is this mandate not taking effect in many today? One reason is because these blessings require an appropriate environment to function and the most appropriate environment is the environment of love. The Love of God drives an individual into doing only what pleases God. It drives you into bringing Joy and glory to God. This is why when Adam disobeyed God, he fell from that environment, blessings and mandate. However Christ Jesus (the second Adam) came to redeemed us back into our original status with God. But advancing in God would always demand abiding in His love environment. This will eternally be the ultimate purpose for humanity.

Therefore, this Love is for:(i)Promoting the glory of God on the earth (Habakkuk 2:14)

(ii)Bringing men to God and helping them get established in the faith (Acts 26:18)and (iii) Pleasing God by faith (Heb. 11:6).

These are the primary purposes of the expressions of the God kind of Love in the kingdom. I believe the manifestations of the sons of God in this end time will be at the mercy of the love of God. Humanity cannot do without this mysterious master key of life. You can’t advance into the realms of relevance from that of mere survival without it.

Concerning this love, It was written of Jesus that, He manifested God’s glory and his disciples believed Him (John 2:11). Paul testified of it as; “The more excellent way, the greatest thing to know that passes all understanding and the fullness of God”(Ephesians 3:19). Kenneth E. Hagin calls it “The pathway to Victory”.David O. Oyedepo describes it as; “The secret behind high flyers in the kingdom”and I personally call it“The mysterious master key to our dominion mandate”.

We have a mandate as believers to wake up and take spiritual responsibility towards loving God and humanity unconditionally. I welcome you into living in this more excellent way.

David O. Robinson

President: The Pillars Impacts International

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