God gives every man resources to manage. Whatever good gift we have we received for a given purpose hence we are just custodians of His gracious resources.

God doesn’t waste His resources on people. He gives us resources that we need for each assignment.

Our level of faithfulness in the little tasks today will determine the next assignment and additional Spiritual and physical resources He makes available to us.

It is Wisdom therefore to stay in our call and focus on doing what He has assigned to us faithfully with the right motive.

We must never compare ourselves with others because every man’s calling is unique and has different expectations from God.

We shall be accountable and judged by God based on our unique callings and the expectations that go with them.

We may have the crowd, resources, applause of men, etc but could still be seen as a failure in God’s eyes.

Our faithful and love motivated obedience in doing what God has assigned to us is key to being rewarded by God in the end.

I pray that God will give us more grace that at the end we will be able to say like Apostle Paul that we have fought a good fight, and finished our course and there is now laid up for us the crown of righteousness in Jesus name amen


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