Reaching the Lost with the Gospel in its Simplicity and Power


We are a Teaching and an Evangelistic Ministry saddled with the primary responsibility to take the gospel of salvation and healing to the lost in its simplicity and power as well as to teach the fundamental truths of the Christian faith so as to position all believers to begin and continue to enjoy a victorious Christian life.

·         Our Mission

We have a mandate to step out in faith into dark territories so as to:

  1. Depopulate the Kingdom of darkness and populate the Kingdom of God.
  2. Break the controlling powers of hell over the lives of men,through continuous intercession on their behalf, thereby resulting in their complete and permanent deliverance from the power of satan, sin, sickness and disease.
  3. Teach the fundamental gospel truths of the Christian faith which will liberate believers in Christ Jesus from the bondage caused by ignorance and position them to begin and continue to enjoy a victorious Christian life.
  4. Put succour in the hurting wounds of the forgotten ones out where they are in the streets, prisons, orphanage homes, villages, schools, etc., through specialised outreach programmes targeted to bring succour to their hurting wounds.
  5. Invade every social network site on the Internet with the gospel in an unconventional but lawful way.

·         Our Administrative Office Base

The Ministry presently has a temporal administrative office at No 35 Ozolua Street Off Murtala Mohammed Way, Benin City, Edo State Nigeria where Administrative issues are carried out.

Spiritual meetings such as Prayer meetings and Teaching meetings, etc., are also held in the Administrative base. In the future the Administrative office base shall have a large auditorium apart from small offices where these Spiritual meetings can be held.

·         Spiritual Fathers and Spiritual Ministries

We shall stay connected to some Spiritual ministries to whom we pay our tithes of all our income and send our covenant seeds as the Holy Spirit directs us.

Presently, these ministries include: Christ’s Chosen Church of God International, Living Faith Church, Worldwide, Kenneth Hagin Ministries, T.L Osborn Ministries, Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Juan Hunter Ministries, Benin Hinn Ministries, Christ Embassy and Omega Fire Ministries.

God has also given the President some Spiritual fathers to whom he is accountable with respect to the Ministry.

·         Our Covenant Partners

We have a base of Covenant partners who believe in the vision and want to be part of fulfilling it. We shall be open to anyone who is led to support the vision and mandate of the ministry in terms of:

(i) Personal availability for outreaches, (Covenant frontline Partners)

(ii) Sowing financial seeds, (Covenant Seed Partners)

(iii) Intercessory prayers, (Covenant Prayer Partners)

(iv) Requesting for and studying our teaching materials free of charge, etc. (Covenant Study Partners)

We do not receive tithes from individuals who are our ministry partners. We encourage them to pay their tithes to their local churches just as we do.

However another Ministry or any established Organization which decides to take us as a Spiritual Ministry is allowed to send their tithes to us.

We shall keep correspondences with all our Ministry partners concerning our operations and upcoming events. An intending covenant partner will be given the necessary information required by contacting our Secretariat through any of the available channels.

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·         Our Outreach Arms

Our Outreach operations are broken down under the following Arms:

  1. Evangelistic Outreaches Department.

We go to any community where God sends us with a focus of presenting the gospel to the lost out there where they are. We work closely with Churches and Ministries in communities where we hold such meetings so that souls saved during the crusades and other kinds of meetings could be nurtured directly in these Churches in collaboration with our continued support to make sure they are established in the faith.

If there is no Church in a community where we are to hold a programme, we shall in collaboration with any existing Church start up a Church in that community. The Church that collaborated with us shall own and continue to oversee the young Church with support from our Ministry.

We also go out for Evangelism every Saturday after out weekly joint prayer meetings. Every Partner is encouraged to take details of their converts and invite them to their churches or any bible believing Church near the Convert’s home.

  1. Church Revival Department

As the Spirit of God leads us, we engage in revival programmes in conjunction with specific Churches or Ministries. We also hold teaching meetings in our administrative base as God leads us.

Through our books and other teaching materials, God’s word is also being taught to bring the Church to a place of maturity.

Our primary focus is to teach the fundamental truths of the Gospel so that believers can begin and continue to enjoy a victorious Christian life.

Our primary message emphasizes the legal and vital aspects of our redemption and the need for the believer to remain in Christ Jesus by walking consistently in love.

We give some attention to Churches in communities that have not been adequately reached.

3.      Online Invasion Project Department

God has given us a mandate and has helped us to develop a strategy to reach the lost using the Internet. We have begun to reach them using several social networking platforms. These Internet platforms host forums where people meet, chat and send email and video messages.

We have been instructed by the Holy Spirit to take advantage of this opportunity to present the gospel to the lost where they are which is our major focus as a ministry.

We search for them using several online network forums and send short and precise salvation messages to them. We keep our commitment to present Jesus Christ to these lost ones who may never go to a Church or attend a Crusade. 

We are doing it in the unconventional but lawful way. Unconventional because it is not the normal way Christians go about preaching the gospel today. We train our partners on ways they can be involved in this project on their own.

Our websites have online contacts and forums where people can also reach us with their issues. We have a record of several persons who have mailed us back or posted on our pages that they have surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ due to our messages and several others have sent us encouraging messages that they were restored.

We have sent our teaching materials to these new converts both within and outside Nigeria to help them to grow and be established in the faith. We also make it our duty to stand in intercession for them to be established.

4.      Social Missions Department

Through other specialised avenues, we shall also take the gospel of salvation and healing to the forgotten and lost ones out where they are. These outreaches shall be targeted at meeting the physical and emotional needs of those who are neglected by the society in the streets, schools, orphanage homes, villages, prisons, etc.

Although we will be meeting their physical and emotional needs, the underlying reasons for the outreaches are:

i.  To present the gospel to them so that they can make the choice of accepting Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives

ii. To help them to find a Church in their area where they can consistently serve God in Spirit and in truth.

5.      Prints and Media Department

This department is in charge of all the media (electronic and print) outreaches of the ministry. The print and media arm is saddled with the responsibility of producing, distributing and receiving feedback messages on all our ministry materials such as Magazines, books, tracts, audio and video messages, etc.

This arm anchors our Radio Outreaches already running and will be in charge of our Television Outreaches soon to begin. 

6.      Intercessory Army Department.

This arm of the ministry comprises of an Army of Intercessors who are driven to stay on their knees for the lost in love. They are saddled with the responsibility of praying lost souls into God’s kingdom, praying for their establishment in the faith and praying for the end time revival that will herald the Joel chapter 2 Army.

This Army begins with a focus on Nigeria and are spreading their reach across all nations of the earth. We presently hold weekly joint prayers in our SLGEM Partners Fellowship Centre every Saturday by 8:30am to 9:30am for all Ministry Partners. We also hold night prayers every Sunday from 12:30am to 1:30am for all our Ministry leaders in our respective homes. All Partners are also encouraged to use prayers listed in the ministry magazines as their prayer guidelines every day.

These prayers are all kingdom expansion based prayers in line with the instruction of Jesus that we should pray “thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”

7.      Children and Teens Outreach Department

This Arm of the Ministry reaches out to Children and Teens and will generate materials for helping them find Jesus Christ early in life and then grow up in the faith. Several children have been reached with the love of God through this outreach arm.

The slogan of this arm is “Recruit them young into the Lord’s Army”

8.      Believers Bible Institute

The Believers Bible Institute is a Bible School where believers will be taught basically the fundamental truths of the Christian faith which will position them to live a victorious Christian life. This Institute is not specifically for training those called into the Five-fold Ministry but for equipping believers with all they require to enter into and enjoy all that belongs to them in Christ.

The Institute will focus on teaching what God did for believers in Christ, what God is doing now in believers in Christ, what God wants to do through believers in Christ and how believers in Christ can take responsibility with God in partnership towards living a victorious Christian life here on earth in fulfilment of God’s purpose for their lives. Emphasis will be placed on walking in love.

The training shall have no fees attached but shall be absolutely free including the materials that will be given to trainees. It shall have its Headquarters in Our Administrative base but shall have Satellite campuses all over the world.

We began to hold Annual Discipleship Training Camp Meetings from April 7th-9th 2017 which is a platform that will develop into the Believers Bible Institute in the future.


The Ministry Leaders and their positions are listed below:

1.       Name: Oghogho Ikponmwosa: (B.Eng, M.Eng, Ph.D)

Position: President

Work Place: SeniorLecturer at Delta State University, Abraka, Oleh Campus

2.        Name: Alexander Osaheni (B.Eng, M.Eng, M.BA)

Position: Vice President 1

Work Place: Acting Senior Manager Distribution at Benin Distribution Power Company of Nigeria

3.       Name: Osasu Arasomwan (B.SC, M.Sc)

Position: Vice President 2

Work Place: Regional Manager Operations Access Bank PLC, Port Harcourt.

4.       Name: Osarumwense Odaro (B.SC)

Position: Executive Secretary

Work Place: Admin Officer Christ Chosen Church of God Head Quarters

5.       Name: Obasaju Barnabas (B.SC, M.Sc)

Position: Prints and Media Director

Work Place: Lecturer II at Landmark University.

6.       Name: Omorodion Uwagboe (HND)

Position: Social Missions Director

Work Place: Technologist at Landmark University.

7.       Name: Irabor Godsent (B.SC)

Position: Prayer Army Director

Work Place: Pastoral Staff at Ecclesia Christian Embassy, Abuja.

8.       Name: Christopher Omoigui (HND)

Position: Online Invasion Project Director

Work Place: Omega Fire Ministries Bible School Student

9.       Name: Nosa Osaghae (B.SC)

Position: Financial Secretary/ Treasurer

Work Place: Eco Bank Lagos.

10.   Name: Omolola Bolaji Mary (B.SC)

Position: Business Unit Head

Work Place: LolApparel Fashion Designers

11.   Name: Mrs Akhere Adebukola (B.SC)

Position: Assistant Director SLGEM Believers Bible Institute

Work Place: Sales representative at American International Insurance Company (AIICO)

12.   Name: Mrs Ify Osasu Arasowman(B.SC)

Position: Director Children and Teens Outreach Department

Work Place: Personal Sales Business

13.   Name: Morah Isokpan Roberts (B.A)

Position: Assistant Business Unit Head

Work Place: Catering Services Provider

14.   Name: Mrs Eki Henry (NCE)

Position: Assistant Financial Secretary/Treasurer

Work Place: Teacher with Edo State Government.

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