Have you ever heard people talk about someone who is being buried by referring to what he or she did during his or her life time? Indeed life is measured with time therefore prioritize and place value on your time.

Don’t just spend your time invest it! Soon the harvest will begin to pour in and only those who have quality investments in time will have the quality of life they desire at the end of their lifetime.

Remember that the measure of the quality of life a person has is not about how much material wealth he or she acquired but how much impact they made positively on people around them. God did not predestine you for wealth aquisition but to be a blessing to others in one or more specific areas of your calling. God won’t reward you in eternity for having much wealth in your name but for living your life to ensure someone else could smile again.

(See Matthew 25:31-46) It is necessary to also recognize that investing your time on a purpose different from what God has predestined for you is also a waste of time.

It is wisdom therefore to first find out what God has called you to do and then focus your energy and resources towards the pursuit of that purpose. However this will always be tied to advancing His Kingdom here on earth through sacrificial service to humanity. At the end of your life men may not truly appreciate the manner of life you lived because there may not be lots of physical and material wealth to count in your name.

But if you truly pursued and fulfilled you God ordained purpose, you would certainly have left your foot prints in the soil of time having impacted lots of lives and added value to those in your immediate community and perhaps your Nation and the world at large. Time is continuing to count. No one can have more of it neither does any one have less. It does not wait for anyone. 

You can’t have back the time you wasted yesterday but you can do something useful with the time available to you today. Go all out today and invest your time wisely.

Have a blessed day. Shalom!

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    Favour Robert

    Glorious piece

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