And hope maketh not ashamed because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given to us (Romans 5:5).

And to know the love of Christ which passeth knowledge that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God.(Ephesians 3:19)

Love has become one of the most talked about subject, both in the secular world and in the body of Christ today. The unfortunate thing is that a high percentage of these talks on love, as we see today, are founded on human wisdom and mere scholastic activities.

Many young people who talk about it often have a life that reflects the opposite of what they say. Almost everyone seems to have their own definition of love, citing a reference from one verse of scripture or another.

Yet in most cases, these definitions among other things are the roots of the confusion and crises in our world today as far as the subject of love is concerned. It is therefore imperative to ask the question “What is love?” and to find a sound scriptural answer to it.

First, it is pertinent to note that divine love just like faith and other spiritual virtues is not only defined, but also imparted. When I see people trying to define love (whether in relationship seminars or singles’ programmes as we often call them), I often perceive in my spirit that human wisdom, in most cases, is the order of the day in that meeting and according to God’s word, any human wisdom will always come to nought.

In our opening scripture, it is clear that the love of God is not only defined, it is imparted (or ministered) to us. When did this happen? At the new birth of course. We are given the characteristic of this divine love in 1Corinthians 13.

It is sad to note that many believers do not manifest this love life in their earthly walk because they have ignored the ministry of the Holy Spirit who lives in them and has the responsibility to share God’s love in their hearts.

Several marriages are crumbling, countless relationships (even those among Christian brethren) are turning sour and becoming a flop all because the revelation of the love of God (agape) is lacking in our lives. The consequence is that the anointing of the Holy Spirit is limited in manifestation.

Some years ago before I obtained admission into the University, the Lord told me that the anointing of His Spirit is not just about fasting and marathon prayers as it were (even though these are necessary) but is connected directly to the love of Jesus in our hearts. This is why Ephesians 3:19 tells us that being filled with the fullness of God has to do with knowing (comprehending) the love of Christ.

Knowing the love of Christ is actually not referring to mental knowledge as we often try to define it, but to a practical working revelation knowledge imparted to our Spirit. This is what enables us to operate in what the scripture calls “compassion”, a realm that only few believers have entered and known.

Compassion is the active outworking of divine love towards men, thereby compelling the divine energy (the anointing) of the Spirit to manifest in the issue(s) to which it is directed. This can only happen when your soul mingles with the deep feelings of the Holy Ghost such that He is able to express His will through your personality. The believer becomes seasoned in this realm through a progressive walk in the Spirit. When this happens to you, operating in the supernatural will become a common phenomenon with you.

In the year 2001, when the Lord graciously introduced me into this realm, I was disturbed at first because I could not understand why I would look at some people and suddenly start weeping and praying for them. Some of them were really terrible people, in fact, going by my flesh, I would wish them dead. But this time it was different.

One remarkable thing I began to notice was that the anointing began to operate in my life in such a way I never knew before and I began to affect lives beyond my immediate environment. My capacity to manifest divinity was enlarged. The only explanation for it then was the revelation of divine love coming alive in my heart.

When this force begins to operate in your life, you will not need too many marriage seminars to be successful in marriage. The love of God revealed in your heart is the answer to every human crisis. Most marriages and relationships today are built on formulae which are founded on societal norms.

This is why the devil is having unlimited access into our homes because we have adopted his pattern. As believers, confusion always sets in when we live our lives based on public opinion and general societal standards rather than on the established will of God as revealed in His word.

What I have been trying to say in essence is that we should do away with our human ideas and sense knowledge definitions of what love is. If you must verify the emptiness of human meetings trying hard to define love, just take some time out to observe them and you will see clearly that these meetings always end with more questions than answers. This happens because when what you preach is not consistent with the simple gospel of Jesus Christ, it leads to more confusion rather than solution.

Our responsibility therefore is to keep fellowship with the Spirit and meditate on the word until our entire personality is mingled with the Holy Spirit. Then He can begin to manifest His love through our entire being until our whole life begins to reflect God’s love as pictured in 1Corinthians 13.

Finally, we must make Jesus the focus of our lives. He is the only personality that can hold our whole lives together. Our love for Him must get deeper as each day passes. We can attain this through the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. If we do not come to know God’s love, we cannot truly love men no matter the numerous methods and principles we try to apply.

If you really want to be a blessing in this world, then you must understand and function in the love of God and you’ll be amazed how the grace of God will be multiplied in your life.

Pastor Israel A. Solomon

Christ Chosen Church of God, Aladja Branch, Delta State Nigeria.

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