A believer is praying violently:

 Oh God of Elijah, send down fire from heaven to consume all my enemies. Let the ground open and swallow them up.

Jesus appears and is crying with his hands covering his face.

The believer continues his judgmental prayer:

Let all the witches, religious extremists, occult men and women, in short anyone who is planning evil against me die by fire. Ground open and swallow them in Jesus name.

Suddenly, his eyes are opened to see Jesus right beside him crying.

Oh my Lord Jesus, why are you crying?

No response…

Please tell me why are you crying? He asked again.

Jesus answers him:

I left everything and gave my life to satisfy the requirements of justice so that all men including witches, religious extremists, those in occult, wicked people, etc. can have the opportunity to be saved. I am crying because you are killing them and sending them to hell hence my death and suffering will be in vain.

He replies Jesus in shock:

But they are evil and killing your people!

Jesus answers:

I gave all my children authority over humans doing evil against my people and the unclean spirits backing them up but many of my children have not learnt to use their authority. I am crying because you have authority to ask that they should be saved and also to stop their evil plans from happening to you but you would rather use your authority wrongly in commanding that they die and go to hell fire, thereby making my death to be in vain in their lives.

Friend, do not be one of those making Jesus Christ to shed tears today.

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