Covenant Partners


Dear Covenant Partner,

We are excited that you are now our Partner in Ministry. We want you to know that we are committed to helping you grow your faith in God and on His word. It is deeply rooted in our hearts that you come to know God more intimately, live a victorious Christian life and become all that God has designed you to be.

The mission of this ministry is to depopulate the kingdom of darkness and populate the kingdom of God. We also have a mandate to help the church grow to maturity through a teaching ministry focused on teaching the fundamental truths of the Christian faith with emphasis on the need for every believer to walk in love. We are glad to pursue this vision with you working alongside with us.

We believe Partnership is not just about you sending us your seeds but about you joining your faith, your voice, your prayers with ours as well as giving your seeds, your time, your energy, your ideas etc. with ours in taking the gospel around the world. Jesus Christ needed and had Partners. Apostle Paul had Partners too. We are just following their examples and it thrills us that you have become one of our numerous Partners.

We are committed to praying for you daily and sending you our love gift of free teaching materials because we know they will help you grow your faith and develop Godly character which will make you a voice and a light in your home, your office and your immediate locality. We will be reaching many lives we could never reach through you and you will be reaching many lives you could never reach through us. To us this is what our Partnership is about. As a team we are joined in love, in faith, in hope and in prayers hence we become an unstoppable force while taking the gospel to every creature wherever they are.

As our Partner, this is your ministry as much as it is ours. We are here for you just as you are there for us and together we will take the gospel around the world. It’s our honour to be connected with you as your Partner in Ministry. Remember that God loves you and so do we.

Yours in His vineyard

Evangelist Oghogho Ikponmwosa Ph.D
President: SLGEM




After reading through what we stand for, we believe you may be led to become one of our numerous covenant partners. There are four ways by which you can be involved in what God is doing through us. You can become a Covenant partner in one or all of these four categories:


  • Covenant Prayer Partner (CPP).

Those who will actively be involved in our Intercessory prayer network for Nigeria, Other Nations and all our programmes.

  • Covenant Seed Partner (CSP).

Those who will sow their seeds to advance the work of taking the gospel to the lost out there where they are). You can send your seeds to Our Ministry account with details below:

Ministry Account Name: Save The Lost Gospel Evangelistic Ministry
Bank: Access Bank PLC
Currency type: Naira
Account No: 0725467955

  • Covenant Frontline Partner (CFP).

Those who will be actively involved in our programmes by creating time to go for our numerous outreaches and teaching meetings.


  • Covenant Study Partner(CSTP).

    Those who will on request receive free electronic and/or hard copies of our teaching materials.

If you have decided to be one of our Ministry partners please fill out the partnership form provided in this magazine and post it to us. As an alternative, you can send us an email (with a scanned copy of your filled form attached). You can also send us an SMS or call one of the numbers indicated on the form and we will send you details of how you can be involved in this work God has called us to fulfil. Please keep our address information with you so you can always reach us whenever you have a need to do so.


You can post this form to our Postal address:

Save the Lost Gospel Evangelistic Ministry, No 77 Benin Agbor road, beside Notre Dame Water, Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria.

You can also scan the filled form and post the electronic copy to our email below:

Facebook :

For further enquiries :
on your choice of partnership type, need for prayers for healing, spiritual counselling or your desire to send us your covenant seed please send us a message on facebook, or send us an email or an SMS or call us on the following numbers and we shall send you the necessary details

Phone No : : +2348060676748; +2348051478624; +2348126272200.

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