I am Jeana Ramillete Ledesma , 35yrs of Old and a Filipina (i.e. I am from Philippines) but working here in Singapore. I just want to share how God used someone for the healing of my sister Juvy R. Salisod.

I saw a post of Evangelist Oghogho Ikponmwosa in Facebook on a teaching series on “ Do all Speak with tongues; 1 Cor 12:30?”. In that Module he was teaching on the gifts of the working of miracles.

On March 9, 2017, I was moved by the Holy Spirit to make a comment on the post desiring the gift to operate on my life because of my Sister who was ill. Later, I got a message from him and that was the beginning of this miracle.

He sent me books for me to read. Then I took that opportunity to ask him a favor. It was about a prayer for my Sister Juvy who was suffering from pain because of the lump on her neck that had become bigger at that time.

The lump had been there for some years but it suddenly became bigger and extremely painful for my sister from March 6th 2017.

That condition of my sister caused her not to eat or to drink and she could not sleep. It suddenly became like that. It happened so fast. The lump was already there a long time ago but it was small so she neglected it and thought it was nothing to worry about but now it was getting bigger and causing her serious pains.

Then Evangelist Oghogho Ikponmwosa and I had an agreement in prayer for her healing, on March 10, 2017, 10:47 pm Singapore time.

He began to pray for her casting out, rebuking and commanded every spirit who was tormenting my sister to leave her body in Jesus’ name. He released the healing anointing and the anointing of the working of miracles upon her and declared that she was completely healed and instructed me to get in touch with my sister.

Then I ask my sister how she felt at that time. Then she told me that it has become worse. The pains had increased after the prayers and she could not sleep. This was after our prayer that evening. I think it was past 11 pm at this time.

My Sister told me while I was chatting with her that due to the pains she was having she even prayed to God to take her life instead of allowing her to suffer from such pains. I began to minister to her and encourage her.

I told her the good news that she was completely healed irrespective of the pains she was having. During my discussion with Evangelist Oghogho Ikponmwosa, he had taught me along these lines.

I was glad to tell my sister that she was to believe she had her healing before she could see it manifest according to Mark 11:23-24 which Evangelist Oghogho Ikponmwosa gave me. I told her to stand in her faith and think of Jesus and believe in his word.

Then she stopped chatting with. So I thought that she had already fallen asleep and I began to thank God and praised Him that night believing that my Sister was now able to sleep. However, I was wrong that she slept but I was right that she was healed because it was just a matter of time before her healing would manifest.

The next morning I asked her daughter how her mother was doing that day. Then she told me that she will take her mother to the hospital because that night her mother couldn’t sleep because of the pain and she could not even swallow her saliva without serious difficulties so she decided to take her to the hospital to be confined for treatment.

I told Evangelist Oghogho Ikponmwosa about what happened then he asked me again about our agreement in prayer if I still believe that God heard us. I answered yes that I still believe. Then he told me that he has seen many cases like this.

The demons were leaving and were just trying to tear her apart before they do. He then stood in agreement again with me in prayer for my sister stating clearly that she had been healed and that the demons should stop their maneuvers on her.

When my Sister and her daughter reached the hospital and discovered that the doctor who checked my sisters’ condition had already gone out, my sister decided to go home without seeing a doctor.

On their way home the miracle began to manifest. Suddenly she discovered that there was a small hole under her tongue and a substance like sand and pus were coming out from the hole under her tongue.

She didn’t know what it was and where it was coming from inside her body. It continued to come out and then suddenly the pain slowly began to leave her. When they got home the pain was already gone and she begun to take food and drink water without any pain. Something she could not do for days.

Now the lump in her throat is completely gone and she is no longer having the excruciating pains.

Due to this healing my faith has been stirred up to also ask for an agreement prayer for the Polio caused deformity (my Sister had since she was a Child) and a Kidney infection (UTI). I know that her healing will also be received by faith in Jesus name.

Praise be to God


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