My name is Triumph Chewe. I am Zambian and a Graduate of Landmark University. I am a Covenant partner of Save the Lost Gospel Evangelistic Ministry (SLGEM).

On the 9th of May 2015 towards the end of one of our Saturday prayer meetings, the President of SLGEM, Evangelist Oghogho Ikponmwosa started telling us his testimonies of how God recently brought him into the realm of creative miracles by connecting him to the grace on Charles and Frances Hunter. He said in the past few days he was giving commands to short limbs such as hands, legs, etc.

And they grew out and became equal. Immediately I remembered something I had taken for granted and had accepted to be part of my life. My left leg was about an inch shorter than my right leg.

I asked him to pray for me. He told me to sit down and we measured my leg and the difference was very obvious. He laid his hands on me and commanded my left leg to grow out. Instantly as if it were an elastic object, my left leg which was initially shorter grew out before all of us to the point that it became longer than my right leg. He then commanded my left leg to become equal with my right leg and instantly my longer left leg retracted back and became equal with my right leg just as he decreed. The pains I was having in my waist also disappeared immediately. I am deeply grateful to God for this miracle.

To God belongs all the glory. Hallelujah!!!

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