My name is Precious Airhunmwunde a 200 level Economics student at the University of Benin. In September 2014, My Uncle (Evangelist Oghogho Ikponmwosa) taught my family members living in my grandmother’s house “How to rule over Ancestral Spirits and Curses”. Some of the keys he taught us were that of sowing and reaping and connecting to Higher Spiritual Authority. Some of my family members decided to sow their seeds into SLGEM. When I saw others giving I also stepped forward to give.

I sowed one thousand naira (about $5) and told him I was sowing it as a seed for the restoration of my relationship with my Dad who had abandoned me as a Child for over 17 years. My father left me with her Mother as a Child and married another woman. He presently lives in South Africa and I have never met Him even though I was now over 19 years old.

About a month after I gave my seed, my father called from South Africa and began to apologise to me. He told me that he has been fasting for about two weeks and had just realised that he was bewitched hence he abandoned me in the past. He told me that he was going to begin to take full responsibilities as my father.

He immediately gave me the right through a Lawyer to begin to collect rents from those who were living in his house in Nigeria. He also sent me money for my up keep and school fees. He connected me to my Uncles here in Nigeria and His wife and Children in South Africa. I am presently being overwhelmed by the demonstration of love shown to me by my father, his wife in South Africa and his relations here in Nigeria. I gave just a thousand naira and in less than a month Igot my miracle! It was a miracle of seed time and harvest and only God is capable of this.


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